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Devlog v1.03 – Background, cannon, enemy robot and hooktank!

Hey! It's galman33 again! After finally buying this awesome new domain it's time for the next weekly devlog :-)

Background, cannon, enemy robot and hooktank

Background, cannon, enemy robot and hooktank

Let's start with the background. Well, it's a background! In each level there will be a different one according to the level atmosphere.

CannonThe cannon is a new enemy in our game. It is powered by two little mans who shoots cannon bullets at you. The cannon cannot move but it can rotate.

Enemy RobotNext up is the enemy robot, it's a robot controlled by another little man. It's slowly following you and shooting bullet on you (yay!).

HookTankAnd finally, the new hooktank! The hooktank looks  pretty much like the regular tank but instead of firing bullets it fires (guess what) hooks. Hook With the hook you'll be able to grab objects, attach to walls, push buttons etc.

In addition to all of these features I fixed some bugs such as the camera going off bounds, added music (which is currently disabled) and the bowmans are now actually shooting arrows :).

That's it! My plans for the upcoming week is to program some kind of fighting system (Health, bullet collision) and make the hook fully functional.

Play v1.03 dev here!

~ Stay Tuned ~

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