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Devlog v1.04 – Quick devlog

Pfft, this was a really bussy week... We didn't have much time to work on our game =/

Quick devlog

Let's start with the awesome new background that Tim made for the game. I really like it and I think that it adds a lot to the game's atmosphere.

We really want to make a tutorial level so I made a "Help Sign" which we'll use in our tutorial.


In addition, the hooktank mechanics are almost finished now! You can pull the hook back inside the hooktank by pressing the 'F' key.

And finally, welcome the new drill robot to the robots family! :) Currently it's not doing too much, it can only move. You can play a bit with him by pressing the '4' key. Later, he will be able to dig around dirt and stuff. :D

That's it for this week!

Maybe I'll post later some posts about KSindies and about my plans for the upcoming weeks.

Play v1.04 dev here!

~ Stay Tuned ~

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