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Devlog v1.05 – The journey begins here

Hey everyone! A lot of time has passed since the last devlog, a lot of new features :D


The journey begins here

Let's start by saying that I've completely reorganized the code of the game and as a programmer, I'm really happy from that! This will let me continue developing the game faster and easier :)

TransformNow, when you are switching between robots types the transform animation is being played to make the transformation smoother.


A new robot type! Welcome the Jumpbot! Can you guess what the special ability of the Jumpbot is? It can jump ;). Finally, a robot that can jump in our game. If you hold the 'S' key the Jumpbot will jump and arrive to higher places.


In addition to all of the above, I added a new feature, the robot's thinking bubble. I've made this so the player will be able to understand what the robot is thinking about and let the player feel "connected" to the robot.


Now, the most important addition, the journey!

JourneyWith the in-game signs and the robot's thinking bubble we can start working on the story of the game. But, there is a problem, there is only one level in the game!


The portal is the "door" between the levels of the game. By default, it is closed (right). When you collect all the shards in the game it will open (left) and the robot will be able to pass through it to the next level.


The basic combat system is done! Now you can kill the enemies. When you are attacking an enemy, he will knockback and get damage. When the enemy has no health left he will die. The combat system is far from complete but we are still working on it.

That's it for v1.05dev ! Our goals for the next version are to add some more levels, improve the combat system and think about some way to add the robot transform mechanic to the game :D

Play v1.05 dev here!

~ Stay Tuned ~


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