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Devlog v1.06 – The journey continues

It's time for the next gamedev update!

The journey continues

The journey continues

BotAdvanceThe "Bot Advance" is a key feature in our game, it lets you transform into new bot types. In some places around the game there will be a "Bot Advance" which the player will have to take in order to be able to transform into new bot types with different abilities, using these abilities the player will be able to solve new kinds of puzzles.

BotSelectionAnother addition is the bot selection system. The selected bot is marked in green and the other available bots are marked in red. You can change your bot type by pressing the number key corresponding to the bot you want to change to. You can make new bots available by taking the "Bot Advance" mentioned above.

LightsAnother new feature is the new lighting system. Currently it's really basic and only used to make some light around the torch tile but later it will be used for more complex things.

TreeHey! What's that?! It's a not complete tree! Tim was such a lazy potato so he left the tree not completely done and that's the result :P Hopefully Tim will be less potato until the next release...

LevelIn addition to all of the above, I've made a nice easy jumping level to see if you mastered your jumping skills :D Be ready for more levels to come soon!

Git(Warning: If you are a non-programmer you can skip this part ;) ) Yep, I started using revision control for our game. It's my first time using Git and I quite like it :) It gives me a great track of my code and I feel now much more "organized".

That's it! I think that I'm going to do a little break from coding and I'll make some more levels and story, I already have some ideas in mind :D

Play v1.06 dev here!

~ Stay Tuned ~

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