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Devlog v1.01 – Guards, bowmans, butterflies and HUD

Hey everyone! It's me Galman33 and it's time for the weekly devlog :-)

Guards, bowmans, butterflies and HUD

In the previous version you've seen the first prototype of the guards, they were walking aimlessly, standing for a moment and then continue to walk. This week I was working on their AI which is done now. Now, they are walking aimlessly until you get closer to them. When you get closer to them their mode changes to "alerted" mode, they will start to chase you and if they get very close to you they will attack you.

In addition, we've added the bowman which is really like the guard but with a bow ;)

Every two week I go with TnTim5 to the Kfar-Saba Indies meetup. We really liked the aimlessly walking guards because they made the game more "alive" so we had an idea to add butterflies to the game.

I've also added the basic HUD so you'll be able to track the amount of shards collected/available and the amount of collected coins.

That's all for this week! I guess that next week we'll be working on the crafting system and maybe add some new enemies and robots types :-)

Play v1.01 dev here!

~ Stay Tuned ~

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