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Our new game: The announcement!

Finally, a real blog post about our upcoming game!

Our new game

What's this game all about?

Background story

An unknown explosion in another dimension unbalanced the space and time system of the world. But, there is little robot which somehow managed to survive this explosion. Because of the explosion he is stuck in a random time and space. There is only one way to fix it, collecting time shards! In each level there are scattered shards which he has to collect, after collecting all of them he'll move into another random time and space, a new level! BUT,  he is not just a regular robot, actually, he is a really special one, he can transform into several kinds of robot. Each kind of robot has his own ability: the tank can shoot, the ship can sail on water etc.

Who are we?

Hello! I'm Galman33, I'm an indie game developer and the programmer of this game. I've made a bunch of games for Ludum Dare and some personal project.

TnTim5 is the graphic designer of the game and a potato.

Our future plans

We've made some games together and we've decided that this time we want to make a complete game from scratch, a real game. Our main goal is to actually become "professional" game developers with a "professional" game that we will be able to show to every one who asks for :-) . We'll try to involve the community as much as we can with the development progress of this game, I'll try to post some kind of weekly updates in this blog every week.

Hmm.. I think that I'm done with the announcement part! :-)

Up to now we implemented the map tileset, the tank, the arrow deflector, shards, chests, coins and bullets. Currently we are working on the first enemy, the guard.

You can play and test the game right here! (We'll be happy for comments and suggestions ;))

Can YOU help us?

Can you help us choose a name for our game? Our idea is "Shards of time", do you have better suggestion? We'll be happy to hear from you guys in the comments and on Twitter :-)

~Stay tuned~

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