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The One Game A Month Madness

At the beginning of this year the "One Game A Month" challenge was first announced by @McFunkypants with the glorious goal: making a game each month of the year. I, as indie as I am, couldn't refuse this challenge and decided to join this crazy challenge and try to get this "impossible" achievement. Actually, I'm doing pretty well, I already made 4 games in only 3 months of the challenge!  Yes, it added a lot of pressure to my "busy" life, yes, it reduced my sleeping time, but, most importantly, it is FUN and REWARDING :D This is a short overview of my 4 games:

My 1GAM games

My #1GAM games


 January - A Garden Planet

A Garden Planet

A Garden Planet

My January game, "A Garden Planet", was created in the Global Game Jam 2013 event, I pretty much covered it in my "Global Game Jam 2013" post so feel free to read it.

Play A Garden Planet


February - Yummy Yum Yum

Yummy Yum Yum

Yummy Yum Yum

This game was totally based on my entries for @DarkestKale #PixelChallenge. I made all the pixelart for this game by myself and it turned to be really neat :) I think that it's the first time that I've created a non-jam related game and released it. Some may say that this game is too hard, I think that it's OK, what do you think?

Play Yummy Yum Yum


March - Apollo 11 - The Remake

Apollo 11 - The Remake

Apollo 11 - The Remake

This game was created by me and the amazing models by Raz Freedman(@Yinara100) for the "Dark Side of the Jam - A NASA Hosted Game Jam". My idea was to try and "remake" the Apollo 11 landing on the moon journey by using all the amazing assets provided by NASA. It also was my first time making a game in Unity3D. The usage of the real Apollo 11 Audio clips made me feel really excited, I also did a lot of research about the Apollo 11 and learned a lot of new things.

Play Apollo 11 - The Remake


March - Rogue3D



My second game in a row on March! I started working on it just after finishing the "Dark Side of the Jam". This game was made for the amazing #7DRL jam, creating a RogueLike in only seven days was an interesting task. I decided to use Unity3D again and make a 3D RogueLike! I started with the map generation algorithm, at first I wanted to use a premade algorithm but I decided to try and write my own, it turned out be really good and I think that it's a key feature in my game :D I played a lot of RogueLikes during the jam to get "inspiration", I really liked the idea of the "Potion of Randomness". I think that it's one of my best game (especially for RogueLike lovers ;) )

Play Rogue3D

That's it (for now) ! I'll be looking for next months' game jams and try join them (LUDUM DARE :D ) and because I'm in vacation from school right now, Tim and I are going to get back developing our game so be ready for a new big devlog!