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Global Game Jam 2013

Hey everybody!

Last weekend I participated in the Global Game Jam event for my first time, it was a really fun experience. This year, Google accepted hosting us at the "Google Campus TLV" for the whole 48 hours of the jam.

Me and Tim entering the GGJ

Me and Tim entering the GGJ

When Tim and I arrived to Google it was still a bit empty so we took a short walk around the office. It's a really great place with an awesome view to Tel-Aviv, really inspiring. We talked to some people and showed them our indev game. Then we set up our "working environment" near an available power source when Eli arrived. Later on, the "opening ceremony" started. A lot of sponsors rubbish until the awaited part of the ceremony started, the theme revealing.

The "opening ceremony"

The "opening ceremony"

I was a bit disappointed of the theme, it was an audio of the 'sound of a heartbeat' . We got about 15 minutes to get up with an idea and divide into groups. Eli, Tim and I decided to form a group together which will represent the KSindies :D I came up with the idea of a making game where the world is a "living" creature with an heart that you have to take care of. Eli and Tim developed the idea: Making some kind of an "environment" simulator where the player has to maintain the balance of the nature so the world will continue to live and won't die. The 15 minutes period has ended and we had to get back to the ceremony area. Each person who got an idea was asked to get on the stage and tell about his idea, which group is he in and which people the group needed (programmers, graphic artist, 3d modelers...). I did a short speech about our idea and said that everyone who is interested by our idea is welcome to join us.

Me talking about our idea

Me talking about our idea

We got back to our working environment to start working. We set up a Git reposity in Github and for the first time I worked on a code together with someone else. I was sure that there will be a lot of merging problems with Git and that it will be hard to work on the same code at the same time but actually it was really smooth and surprisingly simple. Later, we somehow met Assaf Halevi, a game sound designer. He proposed to help us with the sounds and music in our game. We were really excited about the music and sounds that he composed, we really liked it and I think that it added a lot of "meaning" to our game. A nice thing about our game's music is that as the world starts to die the music become sad.

Assaf composing music for our game

Assaf composing music for our game

We spent most of the first day prototyping our game, we did a lot of paperwork and calculations and a bit of the player movement programming. For lunch we took some burgers from a restaurant nearby, it was fun eating in Google while seeing all the people working on their games. Eli had to leave early but I still stayed there with Tim. Tim did a lot of great pixelart and I made some basic gameplay programming. After some hours we ran out of energy so we just walked around the place and watched other groups' games. We stayed there until 22:00 and then returned home.

Day one progress

Day one progress

The second day was really intensive, Eli and I arrived back to Google at about 9:30. Unfortunately, Tim was sick that day so he had to stay at home, but he helped us from home :) We worked non-stop on day two. The pressure was really high and we wanted to implement a lot of features. It was fun getting into the code and adding features one after the other. Our work distribution was nice: I did all the game logic programming and Eli did all the "math" programming. We had to cut out some features from our game and we didn't have enough time to fix some bugs but we are really happy from our final game.

Pressure time

Pressure time

After some hours the deadline arrived and we had to upload our game to the GGJ website and register it to the "closing ceremony". In the "closing ceremony" each group showed their game, there were some really nice games made in this GGJ and it was really exciting watching all the great work that all of the groups did. We've also showed our game and I also gave a short speech about the KSindies.

A Garden Planet Splash Screen

A Garden Planet Splash Screen

Now it's time to talk about our game: "A Garden Planet"

The world is alive… a fragile balance must be maintained! Watch as the dynamic world decays and fragments before your eyes — leaving you with the unmistakable conclusion that we cannot simply stand by while the world falls apart around us. Listen to the heart of the planet.

In our game you play as an angel flying around the world. We made some kind of an environment simulator consisted of animals and plants. As the time passes the animals get hungrier, the hungrier the animals get the unhealthier they get. When animals get hungry they eat other animals and plants. When animals or plants are eaten they die. We planned to add more features to the game such as water and new plants that grow from the animals' corpses and let the player to take part in maintaining the balance of the environment. Our goal with this game was to deliver the message that we can't just stand by and watch our environment decay and that we must take actions and try to save it.

A Garden Planet

A Garden Planet

The Global Game Jam was a great experience for me and I'm going to save some good memories from it :D

Play our game "A Garden Planet"


Devlog v1.06 – The journey continues

It's time for the next gamedev update!

The journey continues

The journey continues

BotAdvanceThe "Bot Advance" is a key feature in our game, it lets you transform into new bot types. In some places around the game there will be a "Bot Advance" which the player will have to take in order to be able to transform into new bot types with different abilities, using these abilities the player will be able to solve new kinds of puzzles.

BotSelectionAnother addition is the bot selection system. The selected bot is marked in green and the other available bots are marked in red. You can change your bot type by pressing the number key corresponding to the bot you want to change to. You can make new bots available by taking the "Bot Advance" mentioned above.

LightsAnother new feature is the new lighting system. Currently it's really basic and only used to make some light around the torch tile but later it will be used for more complex things.

TreeHey! What's that?! It's a not complete tree! Tim was such a lazy potato so he left the tree not completely done and that's the result :P Hopefully Tim will be less potato until the next release...

LevelIn addition to all of the above, I've made a nice easy jumping level to see if you mastered your jumping skills :D Be ready for more levels to come soon!

Git(Warning: If you are a non-programmer you can skip this part ;) ) Yep, I started using revision control for our game. It's my first time using Git and I quite like it :) It gives me a great track of my code and I feel now much more "organized".

That's it! I think that I'm going to do a little break from coding and I'll make some more levels and story, I already have some ideas in mind :D

Play v1.06 dev here!

~ Stay Tuned ~


Devlog v1.05 – The journey begins here

Hey everyone! A lot of time has passed since the last devlog, a lot of new features :D


The journey begins here

Let's start by saying that I've completely reorganized the code of the game and as a programmer, I'm really happy from that! This will let me continue developing the game faster and easier :)

TransformNow, when you are switching between robots types the transform animation is being played to make the transformation smoother.


A new robot type! Welcome the Jumpbot! Can you guess what the special ability of the Jumpbot is? It can jump ;). Finally, a robot that can jump in our game. If you hold the 'S' key the Jumpbot will jump and arrive to higher places.


In addition to all of the above, I added a new feature, the robot's thinking bubble. I've made this so the player will be able to understand what the robot is thinking about and let the player feel "connected" to the robot.


Now, the most important addition, the journey!

JourneyWith the in-game signs and the robot's thinking bubble we can start working on the story of the game. But, there is a problem, there is only one level in the game!


The portal is the "door" between the levels of the game. By default, it is closed (right). When you collect all the shards in the game it will open (left) and the robot will be able to pass through it to the next level.


The basic combat system is done! Now you can kill the enemies. When you are attacking an enemy, he will knockback and get damage. When the enemy has no health left he will die. The combat system is far from complete but we are still working on it.

That's it for v1.05dev ! Our goals for the next version are to add some more levels, improve the combat system and think about some way to add the robot transform mechanic to the game :D

Play v1.05 dev here!

~ Stay Tuned ~



LudumDare #25: Serve The Lord!

Two weeks ago was the awesome LudumDare #25 competition. I just had the time to return back to Israel from my vacation on France when the LudumDare started :D


 As always I woke up at 5:00 AM just to check out the theme of the LudumDare and it was "You are the Villain" then I got back to bed and slept until 9:00 AM. When I fully woke up I started my live stream which was really fun, I had the chance to meet a lot of cool people (Thank you guys :D). I started seeking after ideas for my game until I found one: You play as the  commander of the evil dark lord. Your goal is to prevent from the hero to invade your city and rescue the queen. You do this by controling your units and fighting the hero.


My goal for this game(beside making a game in 48 hours for LudumDare ;)) was to make the player think about the side of the "Evil" guys and how they see the game.  In addtition, I was making a little "self joke" about how the hero is always ridiculously stronger than the enemies.

The whole development process went really smoothly and I'm really happy from the final product. The most important lesson which I learnt from this LudumDare is to invest more time on balancing the game, not making it too hard nor too easy.

Play and rate "Serve The Lord" here!


Devlog v1.04 – Quick devlog

Pfft, this was a really bussy week... We didn't have much time to work on our game =/

Quick devlog

Let's start with the awesome new background that Tim made for the game. I really like it and I think that it adds a lot to the game's atmosphere.

We really want to make a tutorial level so I made a "Help Sign" which we'll use in our tutorial.


In addition, the hooktank mechanics are almost finished now! You can pull the hook back inside the hooktank by pressing the 'F' key.

And finally, welcome the new drill robot to the robots family! :) Currently it's not doing too much, it can only move. You can play a bit with him by pressing the '4' key. Later, he will be able to dig around dirt and stuff. :D

That's it for this week!

Maybe I'll post later some posts about KSindies and about my plans for the upcoming weeks.

Play v1.04 dev here!

~ Stay Tuned ~


Devlog v1.03 – Background, cannon, enemy robot and hooktank!

Hey! It's galman33 again! After finally buying this awesome new domain it's time for the next weekly devlog :-)

Background, cannon, enemy robot and hooktank

Background, cannon, enemy robot and hooktank

Let's start with the background. Well, it's a background! In each level there will be a different one according to the level atmosphere.

CannonThe cannon is a new enemy in our game. It is powered by two little mans who shoots cannon bullets at you. The cannon cannot move but it can rotate.

Enemy RobotNext up is the enemy robot, it's a robot controlled by another little man. It's slowly following you and shooting bullet on you (yay!).

HookTankAnd finally, the new hooktank! The hooktank looks  pretty much like the regular tank but instead of firing bullets it fires (guess what) hooks. Hook With the hook you'll be able to grab objects, attach to walls, push buttons etc.

In addition to all of these features I fixed some bugs such as the camera going off bounds, added music (which is currently disabled) and the bowmans are now actually shooting arrows :).

That's it! My plans for the upcoming week is to program some kind of fighting system (Health, bullet collision) and make the hook fully functional.

Play v1.03 dev here!

~ Stay Tuned ~


Devlog v1.01 – Guards, bowmans, butterflies and HUD

Hey everyone! It's me Galman33 and it's time for the weekly devlog :-)

Guards, bowmans, butterflies and HUD

In the previous version you've seen the first prototype of the guards, they were walking aimlessly, standing for a moment and then continue to walk. This week I was working on their AI which is done now. Now, they are walking aimlessly until you get closer to them. When you get closer to them their mode changes to "alerted" mode, they will start to chase you and if they get very close to you they will attack you.

In addition, we've added the bowman which is really like the guard but with a bow ;)

Every two week I go with TnTim5 to the Kfar-Saba Indies meetup. We really liked the aimlessly walking guards because they made the game more "alive" so we had an idea to add butterflies to the game.

I've also added the basic HUD so you'll be able to track the amount of shards collected/available and the amount of collected coins.

That's all for this week! I guess that next week we'll be working on the crafting system and maybe add some new enemies and robots types :-)

Play v1.01 dev here!

~ Stay Tuned ~


Our new game: The announcement!

Finally, a real blog post about our upcoming game!

Our new game

What's this game all about?

Background story

An unknown explosion in another dimension unbalanced the space and time system of the world. But, there is little robot which somehow managed to survive this explosion. Because of the explosion he is stuck in a random time and space. There is only one way to fix it, collecting time shards! In each level there are scattered shards which he has to collect, after collecting all of them he'll move into another random time and space, a new level! BUT,  he is not just a regular robot, actually, he is a really special one, he can transform into several kinds of robot. Each kind of robot has his own ability: the tank can shoot, the ship can sail on water etc.

Who are we?

Hello! I'm Galman33, I'm an indie game developer and the programmer of this game. I've made a bunch of games for Ludum Dare and some personal project.

TnTim5 is the graphic designer of the game and a potato.

Our future plans

We've made some games together and we've decided that this time we want to make a complete game from scratch, a real game. Our main goal is to actually become "professional" game developers with a "professional" game that we will be able to show to every one who asks for :-) . We'll try to involve the community as much as we can with the development progress of this game, I'll try to post some kind of weekly updates in this blog every week.

Hmm.. I think that I'm done with the announcement part! :-)

Up to now we implemented the map tileset, the tank, the arrow deflector, shards, chests, coins and bullets. Currently we are working on the first enemy, the guard.

You can play and test the game right here! (We'll be happy for comments and suggestions ;))

Can YOU help us?

Can you help us choose a name for our game? Our idea is "Shards of time", do you have better suggestion? We'll be happy to hear from you guys in the comments and on Twitter :-)

~Stay tuned~


From The Doodles To The Game

Recently, I competed in the Mini LD #33 and the theme was "Doodles".

I started with a really amazing doodle:

And the game became this:


It was my first time making a game from a doodle and it was really fun. I think that I'm going to adopt this way of making games :-)

You can play it right here!


Nine Games in One Pack!

Finished making nine games in only one day!

Play all of them right here! 

Actually, it was a very fun experience. I made all of them for the Mini Ludum Dare #32 & Pirate Kart!

I didn't tought that I will manage to make such amount of games in only one day :-)

Have Fun!