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The 5th Israeli Games Unconference

Hey everyone! This is a new category in my site, it's about my life as an indie game developer. Let's just get started :)

Two weeks ago I was at the "The 5th Israeli Games Unconference". The unconference is an annual event just like a regular conference but more "participant-driven", the participants themselves are doing the sessions, lectures and demonstration. I was there with Eli Brody and Tim and we had some really good times there :D

Eli, me, Tim (from left to right)

This was our first time showing up in a public place as indie game developers and I think that it was a huge success :D We met a lot of other cool people who, like us, are interested in game development, music, graphic, level design and more. We had the privilege to play Johann Sebastian Joust and it was a really interesting experience. Most important, we had the chance to show our in-development game and get some constructive feedback from fellow developers. In addition to that, we managed to increase awareness about our KSindies meetups :)

All in all, it was a great experience being there and I just can't wait for the next game development events such as the Global Game Jam and the GameIS conference.