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Times Are Changing

Hey everyone! :)

Big changes in my life were happening since my last post. I've started working in a little lovely studio called Moon Active located in Tel-Aviv. I've been working there for over a year with our talented team on the game "Wonderball Heroes".

Wonderball Heroes

Wonderball Heroes is a casual "Hit all the red pegs" game. It's my first time working on a real commercial game, and it turns out to be a lot of fun. I mainly programmed gameplay features such as powerups, obstacles, in-game effects etc. but I also had the chance to work on things like Facebook integration, analytics integration, WebGL, "business intelligence" and much more subjects which I was less familiar with during my "indie" period.

Hit the red pegs and use the portals!

Wonderball Heroes is available on Android and iOS and now even on Facebook (Web)! It's highly encouraged to download and play :D


While working at Moon Acive I've still managed to work on my own indie games too :) A few months ago I released a Hebrew game called "Guess Me" which I made together with a friend of mine, Barak Broitman.

That's my first published "commercial-indie game". Making this game was a great experience for me, I was responsible for all the stages of game making from the concept stage to the marketing stage.

You can can download "נחש אותי" from Google Play.

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